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The Amateur Astronomer Experience: Conclusion

     For more images of the type seen in a medium-sized telescope, see the thumbnail photos of Messier objects. The Messier objects are among the most interesting and sought after, and include nebulae, star clusters and galaxies. On a given night, one might see a half-dozen Messier objects during each hour of observation. It can take months for a dedicated amateur astronomer to see them all and few actually achieve this accomplishment. At the Messier page of the Virtual Amateur Astronomer®, you can with a broad band connection see spectacular images of all these objects in just a few hours!

     Amateur observations are limited by non-ideal viewing conditions created by haze, atmospheric turbulence, and street lights. In contrast, the professor astronomer has access to powerful telescopes, modern electronic imaging processing by charged coupled devices, and, in the case of the Hubble Space Telescope, a view of the Universe from above the atmosphere. The other webpages of the Virtual Amateur Astronomer® present some of the finest images of astrophysical objects found on the Internet. Given the beautiful colors and breath-taking details, there is less motivation for one to use the old-fashion, 6-inch telescope when the technology of the Internet can bring amazing astrophysical photos to your computer screen with the click of the mouse. The only tool one needs is a broad-band connection.

     From here, you should go to either the home page of the Virtual Astronomer® or its index. Enjoy the splendor the Universe!

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