2013 Update on the Higgs Discovery

The "God" particle has been discovered. Evidence for the existence of the Higgs boson, which is the source of mass for the elementary particles, first began to surface in the Large Hardron Collider at CERN (near Geneva, Switzerland), at the end of 2011, and on July 4, 2012, two different experiment teams at the accelerator announced the existence of a boson with a mass of about 126 GeV/c2, or about 134 times heavier than the proton. After the properties of the boson were confirmed to match those of the Higgs, the announcement on March 14, 2013 made things official. The mass of the particle is 125 GeV/c2 and it "lives" for only 156 trillionths of a trillionth of a second (1.56 x 10-22 s).

See the Wikipedia pages for more on the Higgs boson and its discovery.

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