A Brief Summary of What Transpired
for the 2000 Leonid Meteor Shower

In contrast to 1999, there was no storm for the Leonid meteor shower in 2000. Around 07:00 UT (2:00 am EST) on November 18, the best peak occurred. In ideal conditions at the right place on Earth, one would have been able to see up to 400 meteors per hour. However, a bright last quarter Moon inhibited viewing so that one was able to see only 30 meteors per hour. There are some predictions suggesting that 2001 will be a better year. This may be the last opportunity for some time. In a few years, the Leonids will be out of its 33 year cycle maximum.

If you enjoy watching meteors, the most reliable display is the Perseid meteor shower in the second week of August.

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