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Publication: Publishers Marketing Association Newsletter
Date of Appearance: January
Title of Article: The Most Powerful Fiction Technique for the Nonfiction Writer

Synopsis: The article emphasized the use of narration as a powerful non-fiction writing technique. The Bible According to Einstein was cited as a good example of this.

Publication: Education Update (New York, New York)
Date of Appearance: March
Title of Article: The Disturbing State of Science Literacy

Synopsis: In this editorial article, the deplorable state of public understanding of science was underscored. It was argued that the best way to combat this problem was through schools providing students with good science courses. The article also recommended reading The Bible According to Einstein as a way of learning all kinds of interesting things about nature.

Publication: The Courier-News (Bridgewater, New Jersey)
Date of Appearance: March 8
Title of Article: Society Must Debate Ethics of Technology: Can Man Be God
by Robert Makin (Staff Writer)

Synopsis: In this article, Robert Makin interviewed a number of experts from a wide variety of disciplines including research scientists and leaders of different religions. Professor Samuel, spokesperson for The Bible According to Einstein, was quoted as saying that society must discuss the ethics of future technology now and that biotechnology is going to lead to an explosive public debate that will make the abortion issue seem mild in comparison. Samuel was referring to the possibility of human cloning and genetic manipulation of human and non-human life forms. The newspaper article echoed The Bible According to Einstein's theme that 3rd millennium microbiology will provide humankind with "one of the powers of a God," e.g., the ability to radically modify life.

Among the things that Makin listed under What You Can Do was to read The Bible According to Einstein.

Publication: Education Update (New York, New York)
Date of Appearance: February
Title of Article: Book Recommendations
by Harris Healey

Mr. Healey recommended four books:

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