Release #10-98
February 2, 1998

Spokesperson for "Science Bible" Appointed

     Stuart Samuel has agreed to represent Jupiter Scientific's new book The Bible According to Einstein: A Scientific Complement to the Holy Bible for the Third Millennium whose first edition is to be released in March, 1999. Professor Samuel is a research scientist at Columbia University and teaches at City College of New York. The Bible According to Einstein, which has no author list, had been lacking a spokesperson. Samuel had served as one of the editors of the book.

    Having taught many popular science courses, Professor Samuel is an excellent, talented speaker capable of explaining how the physical world works to non-experts. As a researcher, he also understands scientific subjects at a fundamental level. When asked why he is willing to take on the duties of spokesperson, Professor Samuel responded as follows. "I have been greatly moved by the book. Being involved with it has been the most enlightening experience of my life. I would like others to be able to enjoy the same thing. Furthermore, I see here a great opportunity to increase public awareness about nature and science."

    After graduating Magma Cum Laude from Princeton University in 1975, Samuel went on to obtain a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from UC Berkeley in 1979. He then became a member of the prestigious Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. In 1981, Columbia University made him an assistant professor of physics. Three years later, City College of New York lured him away. In 1995, Samuel returned to Columbia University as a research scientist.

    Dr. Samuel has studied a broad range of subjects, from early-universe cosmology to the fundamental microscopic physics of electrons, quarks and neutrinos. Having published over 100 articles, he is internationally known for his work and has been invited for year-long visits at such places as CERN (the world's largest particle accelerator located near Geneva, Switzerland) and the Max-Planck Institute in Munich (Germany's most renown theoretical research center).

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