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August 3, 2017

Illustrator Receives Raving Reviews

    A new children's book The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle by Stuart Samuel and illustrated by Nathaniel Dailey, a resident of Little Rock, has just been published and the online reviews of the illustrations are impressive. Some quotes from and are: “The artwork was adorable....reminiscent of watercolor and maybe mixed with crayon, and it looked really great.”, “Everyone will love the beautiful illustrations.”, “This is a sweet book! The illustrations are beautiful and it teaches a very important lesson.”, “The illustrations made this book for me. They were very well done and do a great job showing Thomas's story.”, “The illustrations are beautiful and will help engage children with the book.”, “The illustrations are very nice and my grandson and I talked about them.”, “The story is simply told with lovely colorful illustrations.”, “a well illustrated book about Thomas the turtle who does not listen to his mother about a dangerous part of the pond.”, “The beautiful illustrations capture the emotional journey of finding one's way home.”, “a delightful story beautifully illustrated”, “The illustrations in this book were beautiful as well as accurate.”, “The illustrations are very well done and represent the story well”, “Nathaniel Dailey's illustrations are good, particularly of the wildlife.”, “a cute story with beautiful pictures to encourage little ones to have a passion for the natural world”, “a beautifully illustrated book that teaches children a very valuable and practical lesson about nature, animals and listening to their parents”.

    In the book, Thomas the turtle lives in a tranquil pond with his sister and mother. All is quiet until one day when he ventures too close to a forbidden region, which sweeps him over a waterfall. He then battles the forces of nature, which wrestle him away from his family. How he struggles to overcome obstacles to become reunited with his sister and mother constitutes the rest of the adventure. The Adventure of Thomas the Turtle is also a story of filial obedience, determination and faith.

    Illustrator Nathaniel Dailey received his BA with an emphasis in illustration and design from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Among his previously illustrated books are: An American Bear in Paris, Spell to Attract Excitement, Love's Shadow: Nine Crooked Paths, The World Adventures of Buddy & Ching, Grand-Père Bear, and Goodnight Little Rock. The latter, a children's book written by Emily Wyatt (also a resident of Little Rock) and published last year, takes the reader through the Capital City while saying goodnight to some of its favorite places. In addition to book illustration, Dailey teaches art at his studio based in Little Rock and provides artwork for private and corporate collections worldwide.

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