Jupiter Scientific Reports Theft of Royalties

    In 2000, Jupiter Scientific announced that "The Bible According to Einstein" would be translated into Chinese by the Hainan Publishing House. When the renewal of the rights occurred in 2006, RTC Literary acted as the renewal agent. The Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director and owner of RTC Literary is Radoslav Trenev and he was the agent involved in the renewal.

    During the subsequent years, Radoslav Trenev convinced Hainan Publishing House to pay him the royalties thereby scamming Hainan Publishing House and stealing the royalty money due to Jupiter Scientific. Radoslav Trenev has refused requests to rectify this unethical behavior and is wanted by US authorities. In the interests of protecting potential clients of RTC Literary, Jupiter Scientific has decided to go public with this theft. Because the above events occurred across three continents, an international criminal act was committed, and since email and the Internet were used, a cyber crime was involved. The following may help clients avoid this person.

Information About Radoslav Trenev:

He often uses the nickname Radi. He graduated from St Cyril and St Methodius University, which is in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.

He operates three companies: RTC Literary, which is a literary agency; RT Copyright Ltd, which is in media, licensing, brand extension; and RTC Newsstand, which does promotional marketing and brand extension for newspaper and magazine publishers.

The mailing addresses for RTC Literary and RT Copyright Ltd are:
14 Elisaveta Bagriana Str., fl.8, p.k. 24
Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1111

but the registration address of RT Copyright Ltd is in the Republic of Seychelles and the bank account used by this Ltd is in Cyprus.

There is some indication that he has been recently working in the Cologne area of Germany.

The following are four images of Radoslav I. Trenev:
Radoslav Trenev      Radoslav Trenev      Radoslav Trenev      Radoslav Trenev
Committed an International Cyber Crime

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