About Kang Zhao

Dr. Kang Zhao received his undergraduate degree from Shandong University, P.R. of China, in 1982. He then attended graduate school at Columbia University in 1983, where he received an M. A., an M. Phil. degree, and a Ph. D. Dr. Zhao became a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University in 1988 and was a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Fellow from 1990-1992. His work in the antiviral field and glycosylation chemistry has earned him many honors, including the ACS/PRF Junior Faculty Research Award, the NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award, and the Goddard Fellowship. Dr. Zhao has also held the positions of Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Chemical Highlights, Chair of the Chemical Sciences of the New York Academy of Sciences, Visiting Professor of Medicine at Hunan Medical University and Columbia University. Dr. Zhao currently holds the position of W. M. Keck Foundation Early Career Professor at New York University.

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