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The Bible According to Einstein

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(Exodus VIII continues where Exodus VII leaves off.)

360                       The Bible According to Einstein
The fifteenth book of Creation, called

Exodus VIII: Galactic Birth

These stars would be the candles --
they would light the way.

Chapter I: A Galaxy Is Born

And within two-hundred-thousand light years of the new-born star, other dense clouds collapsed and glowed. And each year, a hundred new such stars appeared. And after millions of years, there were several hundred million stars. And if ye had been there, it would have looked like unto a city in the evening, seen from far away: Initially, a few lights turned on. Then more. Then still more. And gradually spots of lights filled what once had been black void. And this collection of stars was provided with a name -- the name was galaxy. A galaxy was born.
      And gas in the galaxy was consumed to form new stars. And after a billion years, the galaxy held a hundred-billion stars. As gas was consumed, the gas available for making stars decreased, and so the production of new stars did slow. And so it came to pass that only a few new stars per year were made. And some of the older and more massive stars quickly burned their nuclear fuels and thus died out. And the number of stars in the galaxy did hardly increase.

And in the Heavens did sound a trumpet
to celebrate a cosmic triumph.
A translucent figure flapped its wings and blew a horn.
And still another figure sang a song,
"In a corner of the Universe, a galaxy 's been born."

(continues with Chapter II)

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