The Book of the Big Bang of The Bible According to Einstein

The Birth of the Universe

The second book of Creation

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The Old Testament                                       323

The second book of Creation, called

Genesis II: The Big Bang3

Things were perfect then.

Chapter I: The Beginning of Time

The time was ten-to-the-minus-forty-five o’clock: The Universe had existed for one Planck time – one-tenth of one-millionth of one-trillionth of one-trillionth of one-trillionth of a second. Temporal history commenced.
     Thy Universe, though very very very hot, began to cool so ever slightly. The quantum fluctuations began to weaken. Fate began to settle on a path. What might have been could no longer be. Thy Universe no longer moved among the quantum universes. The waves of gravity began to wane. Strings and knots began to form a space-time fabric. The wings of probability-uncertainty began to slow. The wings of time began to flap.
     And know that space and time, which had been merged, emerged. And know that gravitons, the particles of gravity, were mostly gone. And know that those few gravitons, which still remained, became too weak to interact. And know that the tunnelling of worlds had ceased. And know the Universe had picked a path for gravity.
     In the Beginning, there was almost nothing. The Universe was very very very hot and very very very small. From this senseless void emerged thy World. From emptiness emerged a time and space. The Universe conceived itself in embryonic fashion – the chicken and the egg at once. And from the nothingness came all.

Those who claim a paradox,
speak not.
Those who do not understand,
speak not.
Small is the mind of man.

In the Beginning was the Big Bang.
In the Beginning was the Big Bang.
In the Beginning was the Big Bang.
And somewhere voices sang
the words of great Creation.
The Universe was small and hot:
infinitely smaller than a spot,
infinitely hotter than an oven.
And all the voices sang
in Heaven
the words of great Creation.
In the Beginning was the Big Bang.


3 The Big Bang refers to the events immediately following the initial moment of Creation.

*   *

324                        The Bible According to Einstein

Chapter II: The Uni-Law

In the Beginning, the Universe was in a perfect state, like unto a flawless sphere. And the Great Hand held the crystal ball. And the Great Eye observed roundness and saw that the roundness remained when the ball was turned. And the Great Eye moved about and the roundness still remained. And the Great One knew that roundness indeed was good. And this roundness was provided with a name. And the name was Ultra-Super-Symmetry.4 In the Beginning was Ultra-Super-Symmetry.
     At the Beginning, from the Beginning, after the Beginning and Forever there is only one law and one law only. It is the Uni-Law. It governs all. All shall respect it. When all obey the Uni-Law, the Universe is in a state of perfect Ultra-Super-Symmetry. In the Beginning, all obeyed the universal Uni-Law.

Let us rejoice this perfect state,
a flawless ball of frozen mercury.
All promise to obey the Law of Unity.
All join the singing voices and all celebrate
the beauty of Ultra-Super-Symmetry,
Nature in its purest state.

     In the Beginning, there was energy, matter and spacetime. Energy made matter move. Matter and energy made spacetime curve. The curvature of spacetime made matter move in strange ways. In its inception, the Universe was very very very hot, a glowing broth of fire and light. In this great but tiny oven, processes proceeded rapidly at random: Matter forms dissolved to energy. Energy condensed to matter. Some matter and some energy disappeared in heightened space-time curvature. Changes in curvature created new matter and new energy. All these fundamental processes perpetuated. Matter, energy and spacetime were almost one. They all obeyed the Uni-Law. The World was in a state of perfect symmetry.

The holy fire.
The quark-soup mire.
The space-time cloth.
The Big Bang broth.
Voices in heaven.
Bread in leaven.

     Let us pray.

We celebrate our birth
in Heaven and on Earth.

And translucent figures flapped their wings
and fanned the cosmic fires.

     And let it be forever said that the Uni-Law rules all: matter, energy and spacetime. And let it be known that the Big Bang is a consequence. And that the character of space and time is just a corollary. And let it be known to ye and all around ye that in the Beginning and the aftermath, the manifold of space-and-time has ten dimensions. And time is one and space is nine.


4 Ultra-Super-Symmetry is not standard scientific terminology, but similar symmetries under various names are used by physicists.

*   *

The Old Testament                                       325

     And it came to pass that, in the Beginning and the aftermath, matter moved in nine directions. Ask ye not why. It follows from the Uni-Law. If thou dost not understand, remember that the mind of man be small. The Uni-Law reigns over all.
     But, the Uni-Law does not determine all! The Uni-Law is quantum law. And quantum laws encompass randomness. Probability and possibility play a role. The World evolves in part by dice and chance: In a road a fork is reached. And one must go to the left or to the right. The flow of time, also a consequence of Uni-Law, propels one forward. There is no turning back; only forward left and right. A die is thrown – a choice is made. And one goes to the left or right. So goes the World then to the left or right. No principle controls the choice, and randomness prevails. With many forks and many paths, the future is uncertain – a probabilistic evolution – a quantum evolution. The world of atoms and the small is foreign to the world of man. Alas, the Uni-Law does not determine all.

In the Beginning and the aftermath,
there is the randomness of paths.

     And let it be known, for now and for forever, that the Uni-Law is a single law, though it encompasses many principles, which are its parts. And the principles are not fundamental but consequences of the Uni-Law. The Uni-Law is like unto white light. With a prism, white light becomes a rainbow. Each color is a type of light.


*   *

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