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The Old Testament                                       419
The twenty-first book of Creation, called


Let there be life.
And there was life.

Chapter I: The Long Experiment

His lightnings enlightened Earth.

The air was warm and moist. The ground was wet and warm. And everywhere was fog. Steam lurked over the dark waters of the Earth; valleys held cradles of white fog; and the mountains were clothed in clouds. Black and hardly visible was the land. Steam floated above the ocean. The Earth was in a foggy cloud. And darkness was upon the face of the deep. For millions of years, it was thus so.
      And the winds began to lightly blow and swirl the fog. And the clouds moved about in mysterious ways, as white patches swirled around the peaks of mountains. The mist collected in the valleys and floated among the hills.
      And a wind with purpose began to swirl a fog. And this fog took shape and formed a tube, which then changed shape becoming arm-like. And the arm seemed to grow protrusions, which looked like unto fingers. And the wind blew and moved the elements, stirring the waters there below. And at the bottom of the shallow waters, mud, sand and earth were mixed. As a finger of the fog moved in circles, it seemed to stir the waters and mud too. And different molecules in mud were merged. And the molecules combined in many ways. And new molecules emerged.
      And for millions of years, the muddy waters turned and molecules were mixed and made.
      And one day near a hydrothermal vent rich in minerals, organic matter containing hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms combined to form a complex molecule. And the complex molecule captured the chemical energy of its parent molecules. And it pulsated like unto a tiny heart. And it breathed the energy of life, vibrating several seconds under its own power. But soon the power was exhausted and the molecule stopped beating.

And the Great Eye observed the tiny vibration,
and it was seen
as good.

The mist and fog
no longer reign.
The muddy waters
have been stirred.
The seas will never be
the same again.
The Earth has been disturbed.
A molecule was kindled in the sea
and seemed to be alive
for several moments.
It lingered in dark waters
but did not survive.


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