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The Old Testament                                       395
The twentieth book of Creation, called

Geogenesis II: The Infant Earth

And the dry land was called Earth.
And the gathering together of the waters was called Seas.
And this happened on the third day
of the first month of a long lost year.

Chapter I: The Earth Cools

The hills melted like wax at His presence.

This is the beginning of geo-history. It is the path among the possible paths which thy planet Earth has picked. It was four-billion-four-hundred-million years ago. And the last impact of a super giant meteorite on Earth had passed.95 And the original superdense atmosphere had to a large extent been blown away -- the original primordial gases had long been lost. But the thinner atmosphere which remained was still many times thicker than the atmosphere in modern times.
      Now the formation of the Earth from smaller parts had left it in a hot and violent state -- almost all of Earth was molten rock. And so Earth began the processes of cooling off.
      And it came to pass that, deep inside the Earth, a hot molten region swelled and rose. And it drifted up toward the surface of the Earth where it released its heat and cooled. And a cooler but still quite hot region near the surface slowly sank. And near the center of the Earth, it absorbed heat, and it grew hot. And when it grew hot enough, it swelled and rose.
      And such circulating, up-and-downward-moving currents were happening everywhere within the Earth. Molten Earth was in a turmoil. And currents slowly moved Earth's heat from its center to its outer layers. Thus convection96 over distances of thousands of kilometers was occurring in the Earth.
      And the heat that reached the outer layers moved to Earth's surface and escaped. And after passing through the atmosphere, the heat entered into outer space as radiation.
      Now the surface of the Earth was solid. But it was very hot and glowing red. And it was dry -- the surface was so hot that no drop of water could exist on it without it being vaporized.

Water, water, nowhere.
      Now the crust, the very outer layer of Earth, was fragile and in fragments. And it was like unto an oven-heated pie. In many places just beneath the surface of the Earth, molten rock meandered in a random way. And crustal pieces floated on the liquid Earth like unto icebergs on a sea.


95 During the next several hundred-million years, many impacts would still occur but by objects smaller than multi-hundred-kilometer-sized asteroids.
96 The flow of heat by motion of the medium is called convection.

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