Genesis V of The Bible According to Einstein

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The Old Testament                                       329
The fifth book of Creation, called

Genesis V: Inflation

And He blew into the Universe.

Now more than a million Planck times had passed. The Universe was still highly curved and lumpy. Space was full of matter: vector bosons, quarks, antiquarks, leptons, antileptons and massive cosmic relics such as monopoles and solitons.17 The density of matter made enormous space-time curvature. And thermal fluctuations made chaotic bubbles and lumpy fire soup.
     And it came to pass that the Universe was in a metastable18 state.

A Marble on a Hill.

So motionless and still
for epochs had it been.
And then there came a wind.
Although there was no storm,
the wind became quite strong.
The marble shook a bit.
No longer did it sit.
The marble turned some more.
The wind began to roar.
It rolled along a path
of dirt between the grass.
And soon it reached the edge.
It passed a little ledge,
and down the slope it slid.
And like a wild kid,
and bouncing as it fell,
it tumbled down the hill.
Below it reached a pit.
Back-forth it rocked a bit.
There was a final roll.
It settled in a hole
down there below the hill.
Again, motionless and still.


17 Monopoles and solitons are vast collections of elementary particles that move together as a unit. They themselves act as elementary particles except that, instead of being point-like, they are spread out in space.
18 Metastable means temporarily stable.

330                        The Bible According to Einstein
      And the Universe, like unto a ball, began to roll. It was too late. The World began its fall. Thy Universe began to make a transition to another state.

First there came a quantum fluctuation.
And then began the great Inflation.
The Universe was in transition.
And three-space underwent a huge expansion
as six-space made a great contraction.
Background vacuum energy was the explanation.
It fueled the great expansion.
It caused an exponentiation.
The Universe reached its final destination.
There was a final oscillation.
It settled in its new configuration.

     And during this brief moment, which was not so brief in some sense, being a hundred times the age of the Universe at that time, space expanded by a factor of ten-to-the-fifty.19 And a microscopic patch of space stretched itself ten-to-the-fifty-fold and became the precursor of thy visible Universe.

Internal space deflated.
External space inflated.

     And that tiny patch of space, which had been very curved, became almost exactly flat. A gnat crawling on a little ball knows its world is round and small. Make the ball as big as Earth, and the gnat thinks its world is flat.


19 1050 = 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

The Old Testament                                       331

And that tiny piece of space,
which had been very lumpy,
became almost completely smooth.
The bumpy parts were thus removed.
like unto a wrinkled sheet of silk,
was stretched and smoothed.

Inflation brought about a huge dilution
of soliton and monopole populations.

     And the Great One observed Inflation and knew that it was good, for a World without Inflation would be a listless, lifeless world. Inflation set the matter density at criticality. It eliminated any chance of luck, for if the mass were more than critical, the World would soon collapse and self-destruct -- the World would die a few fractions of a second old. And if the mass were less, the World would someday expand too fast and then become extremely cold -- for this fate, the World would never die but soon consist of emptiness; matter would spread too thinly; the Universe would be in essence matterless.

These fleeting moments would never be repeated.
Inflation caused the Universe to overcool.
And when inflation stopped, the Universe reheated.

     And so it came to pass that thy visible Universe grew from a small patch of the full Universe. And, as for the rest of the Universe, know that it be vast and be beyond thy reach. And do not expect this to be sensible, but simply note that light from the outer Universe shall never reach thy World. Know that the outer Universe shall remain forever invisible and inaccessible.

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