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    An important moment in science has arrived. During the past few centuries, human knowledge of Nature has increased manyfold. Scientists are now able to do things previously thought to be impossible: The fabrication of exotic kinds of matter that do not exist in Nature, the exploration of outer space by sophisticated man-made probes, and the cloning of life forms are just a few examples. We have achieved a new understanding of how the Universe works. This knowledge is precious, almost sacred -- it is the culmination of the efforts of countless scientists. The philosophical implications are immense: We now see our place in the Universe differently than we did a few centuries ago. The age of scientific enlightenment is upon us.
    This knowledge has now been assembled in a single book. The Bible According to Einstein is a comprehensive compendium of scientific discoveries and insights. Adopting a biblical format, it is divided into two works: an "Old Testament" and a "New Testament."
    What was the Universe like during the initial moments of Creation? When did the stars and galaxies appear? How did the Sun and Earth form? In the "Old Testament," the history of the Universe is narrated from the beginning to the present. The remarkable geological and biological evolution of our planet is "resurrected in words," starting with the emergence of life, continuing to the growth of complex organisms, moving to the reign of the ruling reptiles, and ending with the appearance of mammals and man. The development of our Universe and our World is an amazing story.
    What are the natural "commandments" that govern all? How did human spirituality and intelligence emerge? After addressing these questions, the "New Testament" goes on to deliver the laws of Nature and to reveal the extraordinary workmanship of the Universe. Here the reader discovers Nature's fundamental elements: from the quark to the atom, from the double helix DNA molecule to the cell, from the Earth to the celestial heaven. Unveiled is the intrinsic beauty of our Universe.
    The great physicist and Nobel laureate Richard Feynman once said (in slightly different words): The fact that I understand this rose -- the light reflected off its surface, how it is composed of cells, why it is red, the evolutionary origin of the bees' attraction to it, and so on -- these things do not in any way diminish my appreciation of its beauty. In fact, they enhance my ability to enjoy the rose.
    Look inside this book and experience the World. Discover the knowledge of "Nature's gospels." Here before you is an offering -- the gift of scientific enlightenment.

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