Important and Unique Features
of the book
One! Two! Three! This Book 's for Me!

A. Nice rhythm and rhyme (to appreciate this, read the sheet containing the text only).
B. Picto-wordsTM beneath the text to help the preschooler identify words.
C. Images on different pages being connected by various elements (mountains, a red fence, green trees, a farmer's picture, a barn, etc.)
D. Color-coordinated text (colors are consistently assigned to words throughout the book).
E. A design that renders the reading process as simple as possible (see sheet on "Seven Elements . . . " and toddler-tested for results using dozens of preschoolers).
F. Use of repetition of phrases "How much is . . . ?" and "(This book is . . . )".
G. A picture-word glossary.
H. A production process with the child's point of view in mind.
I. Visually stimulating imagery.
J. Educative: The book teaches numbers, letters and colors and the reading of words.
K. Use of capital letters to render reading easier.
L. Other reading aids such as the word "color'' being in colors, "number words" having the corresponding number written below them, the word "long" being stretched, the letters of the word "short" being squeezed together, etc.
M. Personification in the images of clouds and trees.

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